Rules and Regulations

Gameplay Rules:

  • To aquire the treasure chest and return to port with the chest
  • Failing aquisition of the treasure, to eliminate all other vessels (last man standing)
Death and Disqualification
  • You are 'dead' and may no longer operate as a crew member (may not operate guns or aid in navigation) once you have taken 3 hits to the torso
  • Once every crew member aboard a given ship is 'dead,' the ship must lower their fleet's flag and return to port
  • Once you are 'dead' you may not return to gameplay within that same round of gameplay
  • You are disqualified and considered 'dead' if seen throwing any blow (striking another)
  • If a crew member should fall overboard of his own accord, he may return to a ship and resume gameplay
  • If a crew member should fall overboard as a result as a result of enemy actions, he is 'dead'
Boarding Actions
  • The number of boarding crew members must exceed the number of 'live' enemy crew members by at least one
  • If a boarding crew member is eliminated, and the numbers of 'live' boarding members and 'live' enemy crew members becomes equivalent, the ship is contested and may not compete until another boarding crew member is either added or removed, establishing supremacy for either team
  • Once a ship has been commandeered, it is considered a ship of the boarding fleet until either the round ends or the ship retaken
  • You may only move crew members from your own fleet, 'dead' or 'alive', between ships
  • Once a ship is commandeered, the new owners must raise their flag
  • Each fleet may have no more than 2 team flags per ship in the fleet
  • 'Dead' and 'live' enemy prisoners aboard a commandeered ship still count toward the 6 crew member maximum, but may not aid in navigation or defense/attack
Ship Specifications:
  • Ships may not have roofs (must be open top)
  • Ships must fly their fleet's colors at all times
Size Limits
  • No ship shall exceed 25 feet in length from stem to stern
  • All ships shall be human and/or sail powered (no engines or motors)
  • All ships shall be single hull
  • No ship shall have more than 6 crew members aboard at any time
Fleet Specifications:
  • Each fleet shall have one flagship, which must be the largest ship of the fleet.
  • If all ships are the same size, one ship must be designated as flagship before gameplay commences, this designation may only change upon returning to port after loss of the flagship
  • When the flagship is lost, the fleet is defeated and must return to port to assign a new flagship.
  • Fleets may not exceed 10 ships in number
  • Each crew member must wear a PFD while aboard any ship
  • Each crew member must wear safety glasses or a paintball mask (or equivalent) at all times while aboard any ship
  • No blows may be thrown, only pushing (open handed)
Gun Specifications:
  • All guns are to be home-built. No commercially available paintball marker parts
  • All projectiles are to be paintballs
  • All wadding must biodegradable and recoverable, and must be recovered at the end of the round
  • All guns are to be affixed to the ship
Barrel Size Limits
  • No longer than 1m
  • Inner diameter no larger than 3cm or 1.25 inches
Guns per ship
  • No more than one gun per crew member per ship
  • Each crew member is allowed a single sidearm (handheld slingshot)
Range of Motion

Side Mounted Guns
  • Lateral motion may not exceed 120 degrees
  • Vertical motion may not exceed 30 degrees
Front Mounted Guns
  • Must be fixed with no motion
  • All guns are to be pneumatically or mechanically powered (no combustion)
  • Pressure for the firing tank may not exceed 40psi
  • Pressure in the reservoir tank must not exceed marked limits on tank
  • The volume of the firing tank may not exceed 3 times the volume of the barrel
Disputes Between Fleets:

All disputed between fleets may be resolved one of two ways:
  1. Fleet captains will duel. The standard back to back, ten paces, turn and shoot (with sidearms).
  2. Fleet captains must sing one of these songs. The best rendition wins. Crew members may join in on the chorus only.