Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Pirate Games? What?

So what are these "pirate games" anyway, you ask?

You play a pirate (yes, irl) on a ship, possibly as part of a fleet, complete with cannons and side arms and treasure for you to find. It's a game. Sort of like how some folks like to do war reenactments, we play pirate games. You and your fleet, composed of no more than 10 ships, search for treasure and battle other fleets. To keep it civil we have outlined a few rules. Ideally, you build or modify an existing boat for your pirate ship. Cannons are home-built, diy, paintball cannons. Sidearms are slingshots.

But why, you ask?

Haven't you always wanted to be a pirate? What would be cooler than to sail a small ship in search of treasure, and firing at enemy fleets in your way? Nothing, that's what.

Stay tuned as we update with more guidelines and helpful hints and links, and eventually photos of our ships and Games.

Captain Feodor Skira and Captain William